Hello again everybody!

I know you are wondering what we have found since the last post… Well, let us tell you that we had been working really hard. We went to 7 different beaches (W-O-W) here in the beautiful (and cold) Swedish coast of Tjärnö, where we collected all the trash that we found near the shore.

Actually, it was awesome because in the afternoon when we were in the boat on our way to sampling, guess what we saw: A SEAL!!

(Yes, that small black point that could be whatever but, trust us, it's a seal! :D )
We found a lot, aaa lot of, trash (plastic especially) in some beaches. But luckily, not that much in others! That’s progress!

Here you can see some pictures of our findings: a tile, a plastic bag and a wheel, everything with some animals on it!

Our next step in our battle against trash, is to look for a possible reason of how the trash ended there and find solutions to keep coasts clean. So, if you have some ideas, feel free to share it with us!

See you on our next post ;)

And remember: don´t be part of the problem, be part of the solution!


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