The first hours of the watch

So the hamsters finally entered the running wheel, for us to watch attentively. Our first day of experiments on the observer’s effect has been quite satisfying with no less than twenty beautiful souls that accepted to give few minutes of their life to expand science.

The mysterious snail experiment of Ricardo awake curiosity from the very first step in our “laboratory” stand. Right after comes the colorful photos of Raquel, which makes Leo’s experiment as hypnotizing as it is challenging. After a quick interlude of decryption of the fish parade, the quadrant’s test, designed by Raquel herself, challenge one’s analytical power.

After these fairy moments of boiling science, the story ends in a Carioca smile from our very own Luana, without whom this whole world would instantly fall apart.

That’s it for the beginning of this wonderful team’s adventure. Surely much more to come in the next few days, stay psyched. Let’s also not forget to be grateful for the great time we are having, for the beautiful Koster Islands we visited yesterday, for the flawless weather we enjoy since we arrived, for the delicious food served by some handsome Swedish chef (some spanishes dancers won’t disagree here), and above everything else for having a tennis table at our disposal.


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