Scientist or Artist?!?

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The last two days have been rather chaotic. We have been trying to finalise our experiment. It proved very difficult to keep the water at the right temperature. Friday, we spent the whole morning making a total mess of it. So, we let the oysters and mussels brew in whatever temperature the god of technology seemed fit, and went for a boat ride. It was a joined excursion with the whole EMBC+ gang. We went to another island and visited a small museum on the Kosterhavet national park we are currently living in. Best part of the excursion? Seals!!!
After the excursion there was a beautiful sunset.

Picture by Elise Vissenaekens

Picture by Marleen Roelofs
On Saturday, we finally tackled the god of technology and managed to fix the last flaws in the experiment. The Arduino program (picture below) was finally able to get the tanks to the right temperature, thanks to some help from the teachers.

Our experiment tries to study the effect of a warmer temperature and less saline water on the filter feeders. We measure how much it affects feeding and breathing. This sometimes proves quite difficult, as not all the right equipment is always available. But no worries, since we can just make our own equipment. For example, in the picture below, we found some cookie jars and burned a hole through the lid using a lighter. Then we covered the hole with plastic to make it an airtight entry for the oxygen meter. This will be used to measure the breathing of the mussels.

It might not be much of a sight, but let’s call it abstract art. 😉
Thanks for reading!

Elise, Aleksa, Heather, Dumas, Maria and Jessy


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