Leave no traces !!

Hi everyone :-)
We are the most multi-national group of this small island called Tjärnö somewhere in the west coast of cool Sweden.

From left to right, there are the representants of Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Venezuela, Spain, France and Ireland. We are students from the amazing, awesome EMBC+ masters, which is an international masters about marine biodiversity and conservation, taught in 6 universities across Europe.
In this spring school our group includes students and lecturers from 4 different universities (Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal).
We are looking at the impact peoples trash has on the local marine ecosystem. For this, we are collecting trash from the shore and in the pretty cold water (between 5 and 8 celsius degrees!!)

Besides the usual plastics, which nowadays is the most common polluter in the sea worldwide, we are finding metals, ropes and glass (like beer bottles unfortunately empty), but full of living organisms!! All the trash and organisms are being identified and classified in the laboratory.

So we want to study how this 100% human-made trash influences the already existing animals and plants.
We are the happy, fancy, sexy and crazy people, looking forward to  see you in the next post.


Catarina, Ruben, Anna, Alessandra, Sarah, Eoin and Lidia (alias Team 6).


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