John the mussel has #NoFilter

Hey everyone!

Welcome to our final blog! Please meet John the mussel:

He’s our mascot, helping us with our project. He will also be starring in our documentary that will be out soon. But mind you, he really blurts out the first thing that comes into his shell!
Speaking of no filters, our experiment has run into a little speed bump. We tried to filter out the amount of food that the mussels left behind after eating, but ran out of filters. We adjusted our experiment a little bit, so we wouldn’t need as many. We also tried to measure how much the mussels and oysters were defecating. What do you think of our labelling?

After all this work, it was finally time for a DAY OFF! Most of us ventured into the wild Swedish nature. But some of us even went snorkelling in water of 6°C!

Of course, some of us also used the time to catch up on some well-deserved sleep:
And then came the heart-breaking work of tearing our experimental setup apart. The lab we used was originally from someone called John (hence the name of our mascot) who was on a holiday. We tried to make everything look shiny again. What do you think?

We did use up all the paper towels, so we’ll leave some toilet paper behind as a replacement. 😉

Jon: “I think this is what you call being a parasite, but I’m just a mussel, so what do I know?”

Bye everyone! Thank you for reading the blog!


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