Hej från Sverige, (Hello from Sweden),

These last days have been quite heavy, since we’ve been in the laboratory for 6 days (!!!!) identifying species and also making a short-movie that we hope you will enjoy as much as we did! »The adventures of Tim the snail« should be coming to your screens very soon.

Meanwhile we also finished all our sampling sites, so it’s 8 in total! The last one had some plastic floating and some litter at the bottom, where some animals saw there something they could attach to. Might seem positive, but this alters the ecosystem!
And, very random but, we also found a can with a fish in it, but he was dead unfortunately...

These are our last few days here in Tjärnö, so it’s time to get our data in order and finally see some results. At the moment we are writing the report and will present our data on friday, can’t wait…

This adventure has been long and tiring but a lot of fun. We have worked with so many great people and soon it will be time to say goodbye, but not forever - we are hoping that we had some impact around here and what we’ve been working on will be continued and improved.
We want to emphasize that even in places with so few people, and even inhabited ones, the amount of litter is incredibly huge. For instance this beach is literally in the middle of nowhere...

Finally we’d like everyone to re-think their habits and adopt more sustainable practices.
When you throw a piece of trash close or into the ocean, it can travel thousands of kms and end up almost anywhere!! Even in your own body if you’re swimming and some water with microplastics enters your mouth, for example ;)

So next time you can’t find a trashcan to throw your trash, think about it twice before just letting the wind take it away! You will be doing a huge favor to a lot of living creatures, including yourself :)

*Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!*


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