Getting hands on the HYDRA-Dynamics of Tjärnö

Hej hej…

Sweden, here is a brand new EMBC cohort for you! The quite remote and lovely Lovén Center welcomed us on a very sunny 4th of April 2017. This fascinating little bay arose interest in an international team of 6 students ready to hit the ground (should we say the water?).

Time for presentations? Here we are, the six-headed Hydra: three time-efficient Germans, Maria, Chris and Elena. Cynthia, from the beautiful Mediterranean coast of France, the fries-loving Belgian, Michiel. Last but not least, our favorite dinner-should-be-at-10-o’clock Spanish guy, Salva.

As our project, we want to study the currents in the bay of Tjärnö, basically where the water flows and why?

For this, we first jumped into the waste before we became engineers (meaning: we fix everything with duct tape). We built a small float with sails out of plastic within 4 hours - our first prototype. Of course, it ended up being a fail, so we quickly improved our engineering skills and created a more simplistic version in just 15 minutes (for 5 floats). Those floats are equipped with GPS to be deployed on the surface and simply float. That way we hope to get an idea of the surface currents in the Bay.

But we can use more than just waste. The lovely (and maybe naïve?) Swedes let us borrow their 7000€ equipment to drop it somewhere in the bay for doing the exact same thing as our garbage - measuring currents. But actually, besides being a monster, we’re also able to connect the elements. We also got a fancy meteorological station from our professors, which we only use for half of what it’s capable of (measuring wind speed & direction and atmospheric pressure).

Anyway, after lots of hard work, we finally managed to get all of our stuff together and now we’re ready to use it in the bay. But most likely we will experience some failures again from which we will happily (or maybe not...) report in the next post. We will definitely keep all of you up to speed on how that ends up going. See you in the next post!!!


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