Bye bye beautiful Tjärnö

And here we are again! Our third and final blog… It’s been a hard couple of days since we last wrote to you. A lot happened…. And...between you and me, it wasn’t always pretty. In some moments we felt like social science students rather than marine biologist - studying, and fully experiencing, the weird behaviour of people working under loooads of pressure. As you guys probably know by now… we aren’t here just to have fun. We have to write a report on the research we have been doing on hydrodynamics. And due to us having spent a lot of time on data gathering and building our floaters, we did not have a lot of time left. Conclusion: we need to rush! More than planned… And not only Michiel was very sad about sleeping a bit less than planned. This of course means lots of pressure, working late and even skipping breakfast and lunch to get 2 more hours to write the report. Even after all of that, we were just in time (it practically came down to the second) for our 17:00 deadline.

And now we are free!! Wait! No..there was something! We forgot… We also have to hand in a video, give (and prepare if we don’t want to look like idiots tomorrow) a presentation and write this final blog-post (ooooh, sorry guys… will you miss us? We will miss you too!). So while two of us (Michiel and Elena) are writing this blog for you guys, Cynthia is working hard on the powerpoint that we will present to the other groups and Salva, Chris and Maria are working on the video. Meaning this will be one last night of hard work. But: not without some portwine to make the work sweeter. Soon, we will all be taking our separate flights back. And then it’s off to internships and in case of Michiel to courses (guess he’s not yet ready to leave the sunny Faro???).


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