Biodiversity Hunters

Olá, Hola, Kaixo, Hello, Hallo!

Welcome to the tales of the biodiversity hunters!

We are 7 students working in the beautiful Marine Research Center of Tjärnö, in Sweden, and we come from Belgium, Portugal, England and Spain. Our study problem could easily be how you can have Southern Europeans having dinner at 5pm or how they are still able to think in freezing Swedish temperatures. Or how the Belgian guy can survive without Beer and French (Belgian) fries. Or how the English girl can survive without the BBC. But NO!

In fact, our four-nationality team is in charge of finding out what is the best method to sample the biodiversity of the Tjärnö bay! And everyone has something to give for the success of the team!
Yaiza, the sailor girl, is responsible for all the knots, and that’s how she also keeps the team together. Emiel, and his soothing voice, are responsible for keeping the team stress free. Beatriz is being inspired by her current reading of Verne’s Captain Nemo adventures, and often contributes with undoable ideas. Mikel, and his incredible mohawk, move around with a smile, representing the best that Basque Country has to give. Hannah, the only native English speaker, is responsible for all the corrections of our fancy English. João, and his observation skills, are very good at noticing what we are doing wrong. Cristina is the artist in between all of us and everything in her says ART!

Between lots of ideas and brainstorms, we started building our super high-tech methodology and took it out on the boat to test! Even when ideas have to be rethought, teamwork and the delicious breakfast served every morning is what makes us get out of bed. The nice and beautiful environment of the Tjärnö bay helps us keep going and to always keep the positivity high!
We can’t wait for our real sampling days to start and to spread all our ideas out there!


  1. Yayy!!! Good luck!!! Kisses from Inne in Belgium :) xxx


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